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Subject: Sharon, Do you know?
  If I can visit Canada (for tourism or for stamping of my US Visas) on a previously issued Tourist visa (Still valid of course) after I send in my application for PR.

I understand from your as well other cases that it is hard to get a TRV if your have a pending PR application, but does having a PR application affect the TRVs issued previously?

Thanks much!

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I emailed the Canadian Consulate last week asking if there would be an issue with me visiting my wife when my application is in and here is what they wrote me back.

Dear Sir,

Australian and New Zealand passport holders do not require a temporary residence
visa to visit Canada. The maximum stay awarded by an officer at a port of entry
to Canada is six months.

When arriving in Canada you should have:

(x) Evidence of funds (such as a bank statement) to support yourself while in
Canada without needing to work. You cannot work while in Canada as a visitor and
you cannot apply for a work permit from within Canada.

(x) Be aware that if you have a conviction (including any drink driving charges)
you should make contact with the Sydney office to have a FORMAL assessment of
your admissibility to Canada. If you attempt to enter Canada without declaring
prior convictions or charges you will be in breach of Canada´s Immigration and
Refugee Protection Act.

Entry into Canada is always at the discretion of the officer at the Port of

Applications to extend your stay once in Canada can be made through Citizenship
and Immigration Canada (CIC) . More information on this process can be found at
the CIC website:

Immigration Section/bureau d´immigration
Canadian Consulate General/Consulat G?n?ral du Canada
Level 5, 111 Harrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: +61-02-9364-3050 Fax: +61-02-9364-3099

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