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Subject: About to be rjected.
I have posted before and I am posting again.We are about to be rejected on med grounds but has been asked to submit additional docs in-order to appeal our case.Does this mean that there is any chance or everyone is given a certain amount of time to respond?If anyone has any info please reply.

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Why dont you discuss this with some immigration lawyer ......i mean if the situation i so bad then you must get a legal advice.....i beleive this forum is a great help but still you need to talk to some Professional.....DON´T DELAY
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Thanks Steve,
I am considering that option.

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As a Canadian Citizen, you have the right of appeal in any case as long as it wasn´t on the grounds of inadmissibility due to security, criminality or misrepresentation. They HAVE to give you that option (unless you´ve done an inland app, which I don´t think is the case).

That´s not to say your case will make it to an appeal. You first need a (CIC approved) lawyer to represent you, then it needs to be passed by an appeal board to decide if the appeal will be allowed or dismissed. If it´s dismissed, you can apply for a judicial review on a federal level.

I believe there´s a time limit of 30 days where you can file for an appeal, it will say the time limit on your refusal letter.

So, there may be a chance, but you´re going to need a lawyer, some money, and appeals can take up to 2 years.

Sorry :(

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Hi Anonymous,
I have a question, if you don´t want to discuss then it´s fine too. Can you please tell me what´s problem in medical, Actually one of my family member have some problem, they will must ask him for additional tests, i just want to know about your medical procedure.
Thanks in Advance

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Sorry I am late in responding.My son has some speech problems.we have contacted a lawyer but not sure if our case will go through.We have been open about his condition from the very begining and thought that after the interview waiver and medicals my son´s condition was not a problem.But now afetr the meds we are not sure if we will be approved or not.
Anyway thanks.

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