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Subject: File Transfer From India to US
Hi i have filed for canada immigration from india since march 2003. Currently i am in US for a long term project for atleast 1 to 2 year.
Can i get my file transferred from canadian consulate india to canadian consulate US.

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I´d advise against it.

When transferred to CIC USA, you will be the last in queue. Kind of being as a fresh applicant. And it is unlikely that your case will be finalized anytime less than 18-24 months, looking at the time it is taking for CIC Buffalo to finalize cases. (plus about 4-6 months for the file to transfer to the US).

It is better to leave your file at India and visit it if they ask you to appear for an interview (which my even be waived). Medicals can be taken in US and you need not go there for these.

Transfer of FILE FROM CIC INDIA to CIC Buffalo NYK (in reply to: File Transfer From India to US)
My friend is currently residing and working in Canada on a 6 year student visa working and studying at a Canadian University. In 2 years he will get his PHD, he is sponsored by the University here in CANADA. He has seperately applied for Immigration and has a file number from CIC India under the skilled category, he was thinking to get his file transferred to Buffalo, because it would cut his processing time, and also for the next 6 years he will be in would be better for him to travel to US than India, currently I believe it takes 1 year to do you have any idea what kind of documents he needs to photocopy to send along with the request for TRANSFER OF FILE and what should the letter say to CIC INDIA to convince them to transfer his FILE to CIC BUFFALO NY? Any help would be really appreciated and if not what advise do you have for him?
Thomas Rozario

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