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Subject: Runku's case

Firstly I would like to offer you my sincere apologies on the situation. This really is waste for time, money and above all faith in people.

How can one trust anyone from home country? Who will ever gaurantee that they will not change once you come to Canada, US Etc.

This is really a dilemma, who is to day who should be blamed. Natrually the Govt. wants nothing to do with it. It definately is an eye opener for all..

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Has there been a statistics conducted on how many immigrant visa spouse have seperated from their sponosoring party?

That should be an interesting figure to see if this is a worrysome figure or a stray case.

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i have one last question to ask anyone out there offering me their help, if i were to get married again or if my wife was to get married again do i still need to support her finacially for 10 years,? If she decided to marry within this time will i be set free of these downpayments??
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I was sponsored to canada by my wife. I did love her and when I separated from her I return back to my home country of Australia. I personally think that Canada and Australia for that fact should put a condition on the PR visa that sends the sponsored person home if there relationship ends within 2 years of getting the visa.
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Runku, a change in your personal situation does not invalidate the undertaking. If your wife remarry and collects social assistance during the time of the undertaking you will be financially responsible to the government.

If she receives social assistance after she has remarry you might be able to make a civil claim against her in court.

In these situations the provincial government should contact the sponsor before they decide to hand out social assistance to anyone who ask for it. The department can easily tell when someone is still under an undertaking and then they should give the sponsor an opportunity to make other arrangements, but that would be in a ideal world where one section of the government knows what the other one is doing.

Runku, keep the faith and everything will be okay. I always say, education cost and whether you pay to a university or to the school of hard knocks we all pay for an education. I have paid for my education in a similar situation, you will come through and will be better for the experience.

Speak with a lawyer to determine your options.

One Love
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