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  Hi all
am a pre 2002 applicant, finally got the interview schedualed for November. I have two questions regarding my situation and hope u guys could give some useful hints
1. in how far could the caips notes be helpful for me before the interview and do u advice to order it?
2. I have been told to get the IELTS certificate OR a registartion for an upcoming date with me to the interview. what could be the impact on the interviewer, if i get with me only the registration for the ielts, to win some time to prepare?
ill be very grateful if u can shed some light on

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1. CAIPS will probably give you an insight as to why you have been called up for an interview. The usual reason for interview is to verify work experience. By ordering CAIPS you can prepare for the specific reason.

2. Since you have been called up for interview, your points are not extremely high. Having IELTS results at hand will secure those points for you. Merely having the registeration date does not mean anything.

On the other hand if you pass the interview and you are not requested for IELTS why register?

For both questions the decision is yours.

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1) Definately order CAIPS notes. You will come to know the doubts the immigration official has regarding your case and so you can try to get documents to clear the officer´s doubts.

2) If you have been told to bring the IELTS score to the interview then you should try to get the results before the interview.

If you can´t get the results by the interview date then you can explain it to the interviewing officer that you have scheduled the test and will provide them with the result as soon as you get it.

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