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Subject: land here, move later
  hi all...
I got a quick question. it´s kinda silly question but i really curious about this.
since we don´t speak french even a bit, we decided to land in somewhere in ontario (toronto or neighborhood area). but in my heart, i really want my elementary school daughters speak fluently in both french and english (and of course our native language also) which are really important for their future. are we allowed to change our mind to move/to be settled in MONTREAL some time after we land in Toronto? do we have to file some paperwork to Quibec Government eventhough we already live in ontario for couple of months with PR visa?
anyone knows about this, I really appreciate for your answers. peace.

truly tx
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After landing you are free to live whenever you want so do not worry.
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Just put your girls in a French speaking school in the Toronto Area the call these schools french immersions,that wat your girls will learn both languages, hope this help

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You might also consider Ottawa, which is right on the border of Quebec. You could enroll your daughter in French immersion, plus she´ll have the benefit of hearing French spoken "in real life" on the streets all the time (but English too, of course). The French influence is heavy in Ottawa, which gives it a really interesting multicultural feel.
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thanks guys...those were helpful. thx again.

truly tx
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