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  Hi I am KUNAL PARIKH from Ahmedabad.
I have filed for PA at CANADA in February 2004, and i got
my file number in August 17 2004.
My query is cut off points for PR at CANADA is 67
but right now i have 66 points only.
My File is accepted and i ll try to do my level best
to complete 67 points by doing french language or may be by marrying within a year.
What if i could not do anything to reach at 67 points and still be at 66 points, will i be rejected or visa officer may grant me visa?? Any Idea.

I am Master´s Of Computer Applicatons, 27 yrs of age, unmarried,4+ yrs of exp,7/6.5/6/6/ bands in IELTS. I have applied as a SKILLED WORKER.

Pls guide me.


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has CIC confirmed your points? It sounds like the language skills are where you are losing out. To be honest, they have just dropped the qualifying points to 67. I am not sure if they have the freedom to be flexible. That has been the entire purpose of the language testing, to make the issue very clear cut. To be very honest with you...I would work really hard on improving your language. maybe you can retest before they make a decision. Your fluency in english or french is your biggest hinderance to success in finding Canadian work. it is to your best advantage to really make an effort in that regard.
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In the first place, you should not have submitted your application if you´re a point less off the passing mark.
I´m afraid your application will be returned soon because
of this. But keep your spirits high thru prayers; Canada will still be there for you.

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I agree with Purce
re: List Of Hrdc Approval in pharmaceutical field (in reply to: 66 points)
Hello Sir These Regarding about Hrdc Approval...Sir If Company is having Hrdc Approval..And For Employee Also Requried IndiVidual Hrdc Approval Required Or Not...So I got Offer FroM one Canadian Company.

I am a licensed pharmacy technician I did it for Ontario college of pharmacist.
I am on work permit. I am working with one independent pharmacy and the company is ready to hire me permanently. I am applying for my PR next month so I need some information regarding HRDC approval in my field.

Thakur Gauravdeep
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Well guys I will disagree with all of you. It say on many website and there were few applicants on forums who had scored less 1 or 2 points less the requred points, and their application still was processed and they´ve received their visas. Again it´s completely up to immigration officer to make a decision. If the officer belives that with your 66 points you´ll be able to succesfully settle down in canada, they there should be no problem with your application at all.
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Well those who have 1 or 2 points less than 67 points
pls refer to this site .. refer point no 1.17


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Thanks for your replys.
I have referred the CIC website, they have mentioned
even if you have points less than 67, visa officer can
grant you visa depending upon your profile.

Its more than 1.5 year I have received my file number
and there is no rejection intimation from CIC. It is
solely my assumption that I score 66 points, because
there is no intimation from CHC about how many points
you have.

Can anyone help how to know about our offical point,
which are considered by CHC.


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can any one help me

two days back my application got rejected by canadan officer cos i scored 66 now my question is can i re submit a document for 1 point can they open the file again please help

10 ponts as per caips. (in reply to: 66 points)
i have total ponts10 only given on age-10 pts other 0 . pl any one explain me what is happening . my pqsd-0 sqsd-0 .send updated doc,as per caips oct 2008. applied on july 2004. can one explain me.
snehasis ghosh
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