Finiding a Construction Job in Cananda

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Subject: Finiding a Construction Job in Cananda
  Dear All,

I have landed earlier this year and left Canada back to home country to close my relations there.

Now I am coming back to Canada for a one-week trip late OCT 2005.

I wounder if someone is could help me by introducing me to links, companies, or persons who would be interetsed in employing Civil Engineers in Construction or Consulting Offices.

I am a civil engineer with over 21 year international exp but not in Canada.

I would like to work in jobs that are dealing with scheduling, project controls, and technical coordination on construction projects specially residential, commercial, and hotel projects.

I am well educated, and have international project management certifications.

I wounder if someone could help on that speacillay arabs and egyptians.



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Nobody will help you just because you are Arabic and Muslim.
Or you really believe the advertisements of the multicultural life?

You will get an answer only if someone Arabic or Muslim here.
I?m telling you the truth because we are in the same boat.
I tried to ask many times but nobody answer.


LOOKING FOR WORK IN CANADA (in reply to: Finiding a Construction Job in Cananda)
Good day sir,
my name is saaid aachouch ,i am 26 years old ,from maruecco in africa, but living in spain legally with the spainish document .
i will like to know if i can get some work like construction ,security, gardner etc.
in canada. please i will be waiting to hear from you soon .and my number in spain is 0034662939994.

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