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Subject: Travelling to US From Canada
Does anyone recently travel from Canada to US by Car or Bus? My question is whether the US custom will stamp on the passport (I mean the foreign passport, not Canadian Passport) at the border?
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I recently travelled by air and they did had stamp on my passport and it applies same if you go by train/bus/car...unless you have a canadian passport..
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My husband travels back and forth constantly, and sometimes they stamp his passport at the airport, and half the time they don´t bother. Not sure about car or bus.
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I´ve never had customs stamp my passport driving or flying between the US and Canada. Often when I drive across, they don´t even check our passports; maybe because we always have them out and ready to show. I can´t tell you how many zillions of times I´ve made the crossing, and I don´t have one stamp to show for it. Still, it would never be worth the risk of not being prepared.

I did once get heavily grilled by US customs, because my hair color on my dl and in real life were different. Plus, I´d moved several times recently, and my dl was from a different state than where I lived at the time. Hmmm...maybe I should have been less convincing that I wasn´t trying to leave Canada illegally! :)


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