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Subject: USA or Canada?
  Hello All,

This migt sound like a unusual topic...

I have been living and working in the USA for three years, under H1B visa, and I have another three years on my visa. I need to decide wether I want to stay here and get a green card, or apply for a permananet resident visa in Canada?

I can´t tell that I like a country better than another, I don´t know much about income/taxes level/living expenses. I guess that it would be easiter to obtain a canadian PR card, but I am sure I can get in either way. I don´t have much situation in the US, I have no family or many friends in either country, so both countries are equal to me.

I do realize that doing nothing is far worse that aplying for one or another. That would you do if you´d start from scratch and have both options?


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what field do you work in?? how certain are you that the GC application will work out?? would you be able to find a similar job in canada??
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I work as "technical drafter" in the USA. WHat I am doing is CAD drafting, CAD management, web design for an architectural firm. I have two bachelor degrees.

My feeling is that my application in will go trough in any of this countries

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Always USA, of course!
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CAD drafting?? that´s my dream job!! i´m pretty good with CAD software myself.

anyway, i have to be honest in saying that there are tons of CAD drafters/designers in the US so i´m not confident that you will pass labour certification (where your employer has to prove that no american is capable of filling your position). you can try to apply for the US GC, but if i were you i´d go for canada.

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If you can.... then stay in the US of A. Period.
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USA, no question about it!
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If you have already been there for three years, and you have a good job with medical benefits, I´d stay put. Are you restless, in need of change of scenery? Or do you want to permanently settle? Really depends on where you think your life is going.

Canada is a tough country on immigrants. It´s going to be very hard to get your credentials recognized unless you got them in Canada. Do you have the infamous "Canadian Experience"?

If you don´t forget it. They will find a taxicab for you to drive, or a office building to clean.

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why are you people on this site if you hate Canada so much? Do your homework before moving.
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The canadian society favors the lazy and subtly punishes the bright. Content yourself with following the herd. Everyone gets a little; no one gets ahead.
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