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  can anyone tell me if they have heard of this: a jamaican marries a canadian first time, gets refused because the sponsor is in default and cannot sponsor, so he gets a fast divorce, later on he meets another woman, he marrries her, he is still in canada illegally but has a consultant who tells him to apply while here but it will be processed in jamaica, he takes his meds here, he works illegally here and it is all honestly on his application, in other words they know he is here, yet he has to go back to jamaica for his interview. the consultant advised that it would be suitable to do it this way, guarantees he will be back smiling in a few months to be with his wife??? is there such ways?
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That sounds pretty messed up...
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Hope everything goes well.
But if the consultant is so sure then it might be possible.
If you ask my advice then i guess ,you could be screwed up!!!

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