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Subject: CAIPS notes
  Dear all who have experience in getting CAIPS notes.
Could you tell me the procedure of getting these notes.
Knowing that I have my cusin who is a canadian citizen and i strongly trust him, but living outside canada, that i know only canadians or permenant residents who are living in canada have the permission to get these notes.
Can he help me in getting CAIPS and how?

warm regards.

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simply go to and request it!
Can He ???? (in reply to: CAIPS notes)
Thanks ME
I read all the notes in it is valuable, but can my cusin order it for me if i authorize him to have access to my information in CIC as he is a canadian citizen (He is not a lawyer or consultant he is just a citizen of canada), let´s say I trust him.????????

Best regards

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Yes he can help you but CIC will send your notes only to an address in Canada. So if he can provide an address in Canada you can get the CAIPS notes. Good part is that it costs you just CA$ 5 plus mailing expenses.
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I do really appriciate your response Kenny.
Can he (my cusin) provide an address of one of his friends inside canada, cause he is now living outside canada, and his friend then can send the notes by mail to us.

Thanks a lot.

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