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Subject: Marriage fraud
I am a canadian citizen and I sponsored my wife for permanent resident. Two weeks after her arrival, she got her IDs´ and disappeared on me. She has even travelled out of the country. Is there a way that I can get immigration to revoke her status? Should I report that to immigration?
I would not bother... (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
Hello Dobila:
As far as I know, once she becomes Permanent Resident there´s nothing that could be done( I may be wrong, you may doble check it, but i give my opinion for what i´ve heard).
By the other hand, I understand you must be in pain and she should not have done something like that because is not fair, but I think is not good to hold grudges against people.
Anyways, you won´t make her to comeback to you.
I think sometimes dificult circumstances in poor countries make people to act in a weird way. I am not justyfing this kind of behaviour, but i think what goes around it comes back to you. And acting like that won´t make the things good for your soul either. The worst case scenario would be that she´ll be deported and that´s it. BIG DEAL!!!!Anyways.. I just give you my opinion and you can do whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
I hope you can feel much better soon..

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What did you do?

buissness of marriage frauds (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
i would like to inform u that satvir kaur sidhu living in 313 lindenwood dr w manitoba winnepeg canada , is doing buisness of frauds wedding of her as well as others and taking money from them , as she finds girl ir boy from canada and set there wedding in india and take money in lakhs from them. here number is 204-474-2057 . first her dad in india gurmeet singh sidhu ( muhallah guru nank pura teh. raikot distt ludhiana , punjab) has paid money in lakhs to the guy living in canada to take her daughter out. and she came in canada in 2001 . and that was her first false after 3 years she went to india again in oct 2004 and did fake wedding with gurpreet singh mann living in faridkot punjab . she first wed a guy and had surname she is mann. i will like to say that she is doing fake weedings of her and taking money from guys. i would like to say please deport her back to india , cause she does not desrve to be in this country. thanks
marrage fraud advice (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
i am married to an iraqi kurd and we have been married for nearly 2 years i am getting a divorsed now he just used me to get indefinate leave to remain here i thought he loved me but as soon as he got leave to remain he left me for another woman so i want some advice on what i can do it was just a sham for him and i dont think he should have stay in the uk with false pertenses of marrige that was why he got stay in the country so i would like some advice on what to do about his leave here. i am a british citizen
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Dear Dobila,
I am so sorry for your story and I am going through a similar situation. Sadly Luis is pretty accurate to say that once the PR card has been granted, and she has taken possesion of it, you´re pretty much screwed.

However, if you feel strongly about this and want to pursue the revokation of her status, I would suggest that you first compile all of your documents relating to her immigrating to Canada. Go through in fine detail, line by line to see if she lied on her application. Then put together a detailed timeline and description of how you met and eventually realized you had been duped into a sham marriage. Contact your local Border Services office and also your local CIC office. Send or drop off packages and begin to document everything you do to follow up. Unfortunately, you will likely be told that for "privacy reasons" that you won´t be able to follow up on your case.


Marriage Fraud (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
I am going through the same thing, My husband is from Morocco and I thought he loved me he was here for 4 weeks only in canada and left soon as he received his permanent resident card. I found that he was trying to get into the states and he says he never wanted to leave Morocco , boy I am stupid . I went to immigration and gave all the evidence but they tell me he has his card and it is impossible for him to be deported. Canada needs better laws re: this, the states are on the right track but we fall short with these inhuman people using to get into our country. I want to do soemthing and I want him deported . I need to know that this will happen if I have to go to higher means I will...any suggestions?
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deseludido (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
after i read many history i get frustad,and i realize some kind of low was created by crock i will gone continue to contact but i dont solution to my case,but in another time i will write my history.
ademir a.da silva
canadian girl fraud with me (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
that i was met on net a canadian girl 4 years back..i got love with each other.she got canadian passport she was in immigrant visa india.we got married and she goes back to canada the whole trip by me i make call daily to her she reply me very nicely .again after 2 year back she was back to india this time she told me that for u i need goverment marriage certificate..the first marriage was in i arrange everthing require for marriage..she took all my original documents an return back to canada ..this time also i manage her trip to india the starting i make phone calls she answers very nicely to me..till 8 month back i came to know her relatives that he has marriage with a man in temple an living with him...i want to ask the any action can be taken her agains in canada..
deepak chand
marriage fraud (in reply to: Marriage fraud)
does anyone else know anything else with sativer kaur sidhu. Any updates? I am wondering when she was a basson if she married a guy from Vancouver?