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Subject: Dual Citizenship issue

I am a US citizen married to a Canadaian citizen (not yet a green card holder) living in the US. We are expecting our first child soon who will be born in the US. I have the following qustions:

1) Will our child be born a dual citizen?
2) Assuming yes to #1, how do we notify the Canadian government to also get the Canadian citizenship?
3) Does our child need to select a country of citizenship at age 18 or can he/she continue to be a dual citizen?
4) If our child at 18 can continue to be a dual citizen, how is this accomplished?


Three citizenship (in reply to: Dual Citizenship issue)
I have been living in Canada for 4 years as a landed immigrant and I am thinking about applying to Canadian citizenship. I already have French and Portuguese citizenchip. Can I have a third one?
(in reply to: Dual Citizenship issue)
Your child will become a dual citizen by the nature of Canadian and American law. American based on birth place. Canadian based on derived nationality. Assuming you want dual citizenship for your child, you´ll need to apply for a citizenship certificate (for the child) through Canada Citizenship and Immigration Service. Obtain an "Application for a Citizenship Certificate from Outside Canada". See following:


No selection of which citizenship is needed or required, as dual in this case is legal. Nothing changes at age 18.

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