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Subject: Vancouver Airport ?
I am planning to go from Toronto to Delhi via Vancouver, Hongkong.
I am taking WestJet flight from Toronto to Vancouver and then would be flying by CathayPacific.

I don´t know about Vancouver airport.Are Domestic and international airports different ?..are they located next to each other or far-off ?

As I would have to check-in my luggage again at Vancouver, I would need to reach the international airport at the earliest.What would be the best way to reah there.


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Vancouver´s airport handles both domestic and international flights. However, because it is a fairly large airport, it can take up to ten minutes to walk from one end to the other, although, I don´t think this is what you are worried about...
Dennis Caul
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Dennis is correct. the Domestic terminal is at one end and the international is attached but at the other end. Give yourself about and hour to 90 minutes to collect your bags on a domestic flight and get yourself checked in to an international flight.

The Toronto flight will land at the domestic end. you do not have to leave the building... simply walk through the terminal. no shuttle, no bus, nothing... just a long stroll. make sure you get yourself a cart for your suitcase, and give yourself enough time to see some of the great art in the main terminal!

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Thanks Guys...!
Also Can you please let me know what other options I have to fly from Toronto To Vancouver apart from "WestJet" and "Air canada" ?


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If you can... make sure you stay a day or two in Hong Kong... Its a great place... Also that if you ahve some time on hand then you should step out of the airport even for a couple hrs... HK is a free port and so there is VISA on arrival...

If you got Indian PP then you get visas for 14 days... if Canadian PP then I am not sure... I think its 90 days...

Also check anc see if you can get your luggage transfered to cathay pacific directly if possible.

Cathay also flies from Toronto... if you want that option...


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What process and procedures does a new immigrant undergo at the landing port when landing? Does this include fingerprinting?
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