Want to move my family to B.C.

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Subject: Want to move my family to B.C.
  I am in recycling my wife is a proffesional Belly dancer. We have a 1 1/2 year old baby and we want to live in Vancouver B.C. We are hard working productive people who are also community oriented. I know we could contribute to Canada and hope to live somewhere peacful.

What can we do to get the ball rolling?

Joshua Hughes
Depends (in reply to: Want to move my family to B.C.)
You only have a few options really...

Do you have family there already? If so you might be able to have them sponsor you, but that´s a long shot, because you´re a whole family (husband, wife, child).

Otherwise you can apply as a skilled worker, and possibly be accepted if your skills are analyzed as being needed in Canada.

If that doesn´t work you can always apply for work with companies in your field in the BC region and see if they are willing to hire you, and sponsor your entry.

The Key is: YOU MUST BE SPONSORED, Whether it is from a company or family. You cannot simply move up there without an occupation indefinitely, and look for work. Visitor visas/records are usually issued for no longer than 6mths, except for extenuating circumstances (marriage sponsorship, etc...). In your situation you would probably not be granted a visitor record/visa for more than a few weeks/months, they are affraid you would not leave. I´m in a similar situation but am having my wife sponsor me (shes Canadian). If your wife is Canadian then you have no problem, because she can sponsor you, you just might not be able to work for a few months.

Let me know if you need any other help

Double Double
Moving to Vancouver (in reply to: Want to move my family to B.C.)

Hi Double Double,
I am planning to land in Vancouver with family,in January 2005.Any advice or help?

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