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  "I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge??that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God." Ephesians 3:17-19

It is a time to connect. It is a time to pray.

The sea is rising and the trees are moving. The fire is being kindled,the smoke is rising, and the signals are being witnessed in every camp.

There´s a calling to connect. It is a gathering of the tribes and a meeting
of the clans. It´s a time to dream and a season to believe.

It is a time to pray. It is a reason to be moved for every people, tribe and tongue; every campus, school and university.

I will join the millions from across our nation and around the world as they continue to pray that God will bring revival. Whether you stand by yourself at your school or among hundreds who pray on your campus, know that you are part of a vast united movement of prayer. Don??t be left out of what God wants to do with your campus, your city, and our world through your prayers. Decide now that you will be a part of See You at the Pole!

God bless Canada!!!!

departure bay
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tomorrow 7:00am Wed Sep 21,2005, you will see students across North America pray for their school and country.I will be one of them. if you can, go to the pole, pray together
departure bay
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you freaking crazy guy, why you always put this that stuff which is not related to immigration, furthermore, most of people here have different religous belief, and I don´t believe god!!!!!I don´t care if people are praying today for no matter what kind of reasons.

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It seems a contraditions of the two Chinese - one who prays and another who does not!!


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I am not sure if he(she) is Chinese or Asian or whatever, anyway I didn´t believe god and Jesus until I came to Canada 3and half year ago. I saw what Christ did to us. I start to believe.

Furthermore, most important thing, I never believe hard-core communist even when I was highschool, never and ever believe something like Mao.
I strongly believe what I experienced in Canada is a kind of life I search for my entire 24 years~!!!!!

I wanna tell you God shut one side of door, but he did open another door for me. I once regret I didn´t get enroll my dream university back in Asia, I was so upset.
However I never regret coming to Canada. During these three and half year staying in Canada, I can tell you I just realized my personal identity, I, my self, as an individual value was respected by the system. Think back, if I were back in Asia, I got the admission of my so-called dream, what happened right now. I will be a goddamn member of that crazy society, part of red tape or bureaucracy, I will never realized that my talent, since there would never have chance to let you express your own opinion instead of what administration said, execute my freedom of speech. In Canada, my entire single cell can breathe air of freedom without prosecution without punishment.

I swear I made much more friends in Canada than my home country, I found my love.
I belong to Canada!!!!

Thanks god!!!! Look what you did to me!!

departure bay
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If the communists were right about one thing, it was religion.

North America is going mad with trying to shove its religion down the throats of non-believers.

Why not exlore Buddhism, DP, if you must have a religion. At least Buddhists are not shoving their religion down other´s throats and trying to have it enforced by government.

As for me, I will remain a proud Athiest.

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I belive Anon is referring to Theravada buddism. It is more of a deep philosophy which you need to understand, believing or not is upto you. The moral principles are the same or better than other major religions such as Christianity. And you are free with your beliefs.
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