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Subject: period after medical
  Dear All,
After four years (i applied in 2001) got communication from embassy New Delhi, that my interview has been waived off and was asked for Medical Examinations. Which I had underwent one month back.
I also have been asked to submit passport.My problem is that i am working in Germany and has to travel to New Delhi,India to get visas stamped. I can take leave only for four weeks. The New Delhi embassy do no send passports by post.
I shall be very much thankfull if any body can tell me how much time they take after submission of passports.

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You should have transferred your file to Germany long time ago. BUT YOU DID NOT......BIG MISTAKE......application process in Germany is faster than DELHI......Time after passport submission is mystery specially in Delhi Visa Post, i dont think if you will be able to get your passport back in 4 weeks unless you write your situation professionally in complete detail and submitt to them along with your passport. I hope this going to help.....
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I read in an earlier post that a person in India can mail their passport out of the country by taking permission of the Ministry of External Affairs.

So you can try to contact the Indian Embassy in Germany and ask them if it is possible to mail your passport to India.

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Thanks Steve and kenny for the suggestions. May be i have made mistake by not transferring file to Germany in time. But now i am really in fuss due to these funny guys. One just cant imagine that embassy retains passport for months but i know this is happening especially in New Delhi.

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As Kenny suggests, Courier your passport to your family/friend in Delhi. Do not try to save a few dollars. Use FEDEX or UPS next day only.

Make sure you keep copies of all pages. Let them send the passport to CIC, then they can courier the passport back to you.

It may take a month - but will save you the trouble.

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dear starwars,
Thanks for the reply. i am not thinking on the lines to save few Euros, but legally one can not send passports to India by post. and CIC also dont post passports outside India.

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just contact courier co. and give them the letter from consulate along with your passports. they will mail it for u. i did same way. i send mine thorugh dhl.


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Hi Sidhu,
I am facing the same problem as you. Have you forwarded your PP to India and have recived back?

I am also in dilema, what could be done..

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Hi Himan

Did you send your PP to India

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