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Subject: Application update
  Hi all,
I applied for PR in DEC 2004 (Buffalo) and i got AOR in march 2005. Now i completed two years of post graduate study in canada so i can claim 5 more points. Since i am not having enough points to qulaify these 5 points will help me tp reach the mark. Could you please tell me whether its possible to update the PR file and how to do it?
Thank u guys

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Yes it is possible to update your file and you should do it as soon as possible.

Please send in all the information regarding your post-graduate study in Canada eg sealed transcripts from the University, notarized copy of the degree and any document you feel can help prove that you graduated.

Send the information with a cover letter requesting the immigration official to add the information to your existing file. Please mention your name, file number and date of birth very clearly on the cover letter.

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Thanks kenny for the information, i have a doubt regarding the points for post grad study in canada. It says in immigration website that Minimum two years full-time authorized post-secondary study in Canada will gave 5 points. So are they asking for 2 years study or completion of 2 year program beacuase it also says You, or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, completed a program of full-time study of at least two years? duration at a post-secondary institution in Canada. You must have done this after you were 17 years old and with a valid study permit.

There is no need to have obtained an educational credential for these two years of study to earn these points.
So are they talking about 2 years of study or completion of program , i have to wait 1 more month to get all those certificates but i have already completed 2 years of study
Please aadvice

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whatever you have you send the consulate... let them worry about where to add points...

sending the documents will ensure that you get the extra 5 points for 2 yrs of study in canada (provided that you already have gained 10 points from Adoptation.

Also a masters degree will fetch you additional points in the Education factor.

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hi...i have applied as skilled worker in canada last 2006 but until now i did not receive any updates regarding my applications..anybody could help me.I have receive a kit compose of a map a calendar and a magazine...
Maybelle C. Macuja
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im a bit stresses now its been 4 yrs of waiting all i wanna know is if what will be the next thing ill be expecting....pls need help or any information regarding this...thanks
Maybelle C. Macuja
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