how to make my mother immigrate to Quebec

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Subject: how to make my mother immigrate to Quebec

I would like to help my mother immigrate to Quebec city. The problem is that she has no money, and her health is not very good (she seems to be psychotic). I can´t sponsor her right because I have been working only for the past 6 months and I need to work a least 1 year to sponsor. Does anyone knows if there is another option for her?
Thanks for your advices.

HUMMMM (in reply to: how to make my mother immigrate to Quebec)
I dont´ know how it would possibly work then, because there needs to be some proof that you can sponsor her financially, as not to be a drain on the health care system. If you did sponsor her she would be your financial responsibility for 3-10yrs and she could not draw govt. aid (welfare) during that time. She would be able to draw National Health Care. BUT my concern is that she probably would not pass the medical exam and would be denied on that basis even if somehow you were found able to sponsor her...

You should really contact someone about this question as it is so complex... First I would called CIC at
1-888-242-2100, press 1(english) or 2(french), then press 0 (zed), then press 2 to speak with someone from immigrations. After that, depending on the outcome you really should consider talking to a lawyer specialized in family affairs, because she might end up being exempt somehow, but I doubt it.

I´m really sorry she´s doing so poorly, and we´ll all be wishing for the best for both of you... GOOD LUCK (I think we all need it)!!!

Double Double
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My advice, since I´m already in it, do not wait to accumulate one year of employment history, send an application NOW, by the time they get to your case you
probably will have a few years of employment history... already. Medical condition case should be such that endangers public health or excessive load on the medical system to be denied entry, so you have good chances.

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Thanks you so much for you advice. I always thought we were required to wait for the delay before starting a process.
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