Spousal Sponsorship Financial Requirements?

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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship Financial Requirements?
  As far as I know there are no financial requirements for spousal sponsorship (in country). Does anyone know any differently?

My fiance and I are marrying this weekend and she´s only been working for like 2-3months. Prior to that we were at university, so obviously she wasn´t working much then. But now she makes quite a bit (plenty to sponsor far above standard). Do you have to prove that you´ve been working for a year or more? I wouldn´t think so in our case if we can prove she makes enough to care for our needs. As in proof with pay stubs, etc...

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Once you are married you do not have to provide a set amount financially. I have just sponsored my spouse living in Morocco, Our application was processed without any problems
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I was told by a Former Visa Officer, that there is NO, (absolutely none)financial requirements when sponsoring a spouse to immigrate to Canada. And I´ve done ALOT of research on immigration websites as well (18 months worth of constant research, and lawyer contact) and everything and everyone tells me the same thing. Therefore, you should be just fine when submitting your application. Best of luck to you, and hopefully I´ll be immigrating soon myself.
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