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Subject: Withdrawn application
  Hi, I had written earlier about my experience "Wrong name processed by CIC" I have quick question. When I went online to see whether the correction had been applied to my application (correction to my first name and country of birth), CIC had not yet made the correction. However when I logged on with the incorrect name and country of birth, I discovered that my husband´s application status is now withdrawn. I´m a little confused about this, since I only wanted them to correct my name and country of birth (a mistake made by them), not withdraw my application. Any suggestions?
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Notify immediately your visa office about it
I sent a letter to the Minister (in reply to: Withdrawn application)
I had the same experience , when I first called the to know about the status of my application, they told me they had never received my application, so I sent a letter to the minister and i fax them my application again. Out of the blue, my application was found and they phoned my partner admitting that they had commited a mistake by mispelling my last name.
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