Someone help me!!! Urgent

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Subject: Someone help me!!! Urgent
  I have been posting so many times but it seems all are just neglecting posting concerning visa offices outside Buffalo which is quite sad.

I had applied in Dec 2003, AOR feb 2004, and finally i heard from CIC London was in May 2005 to submit proof of relatives and IELTS score... i had done the same in July and waiting on the medicals.....Can anyone tell me how long it will be for me to get my medicals??? anyone with the similar timeline? Any advise from anyone is warmly welcomed......

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No one can tell you for sure . Every case is unic for them. People can only assume what is going to be next in somebodies cases.
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we do not ignore anyone deliberately. The reason you do not get an answer is because we do not have one! we have no way to forecast the behaviour of CIC- if we did... we would be rich!

Not everyone here is with Buffalo.

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We can all understand your state of mind, I think...but really we have no answers for you. I am also waiting after submitting my medicals in July 05.

No one is ignoring you.

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Are you a religious man my friend? Ask God for the answer, for if you beleive in him, surely he will tell you. Do you think the people on this forum are psychic?
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Thank you for all your concern.... yeah i trust in God and wating for his wish....

Gud Luck to you all those waiting.....

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