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Subject: PR Card

I was hoping someone could assist me. I received all of my papers for Permanent Residency at the start of the year and ´activated´ my permanent residency status in July.

I have passed on a Canadian address to send the PR card to but I have not received anything as yet, and it has been more 30 days. I have had to return to the UK to finalise some matters before I go over to Canada permanently.

I have looked on the website and there is a number (1-800-255-4541) to try for enquiries about a PR card but it does not seem to work from the UK.

Does anyone know of an email address I can try, or a number I can use from outside of Canada?

Many thanks in advance,


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depend on where do you live, because it was processed at Sidney NW, I believe. wait a couple of weeks
departure bay
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