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Subject: imigrate to canada
  hello, i currently reside in the united states but im not a u.s citizen nor a permanent resident, i been working in the u.s with a temporary employment card in this card had expired 2 months ago and the u.s immigration people refuses to extend my card.
I realise that i wont be able to stay in the united states because my employment card cant be extended and will have to move to france, the country i was born in.
I would like to migrate to canada and i would like to ask anyone that know canada immigration whats the best way of going about it

i have some question my first question is,1 would i have to apply in france or could i apply in the u.s? i really dont want to go back to france

my second question is, will it be easier to migrate to canada since i have a french passpor? i know a large part of canada speak french

3i took the test in which they determine who could immigrate to the canada and the passing grade is 67 i fail the test by 1 point can i still migrate there or passing the test is a must?

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also, i see that if u have a job arrangment waiting for u in canada, it would be easy to migrate question to any canadian on here is, is there a site in which i coul look for job that would be willing to hire me..i have worked for U.P.S in the u.s was wondering where u.p.s warehouses exist in canada thx
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You can check the UPS website for that info, of course, but here´s an added bit of info for you: UPS is on the process of taking over MBE´s operations in Canada (over 300 franchisees), so there might be some opportunities there.
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i am 20 years old a, an architect and i can work with computer well , how can i imigrate to canada?

nastaran golchin
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I am 21 years old & biomedical engineering(bioelectric student).how can I imigrate to Canada?
imigrate to canada for Educate (in reply to: imigrate to canada)
hi my name is samane karami and live in Iran I am 19 and student in university and study mathemathic. I can speak france HOw can I imigrate to canada?
imigrate to canada for education (in reply to: imigrate to canada)
Hi people.My name is Aleksandar and I´m coming from Macedonia.I´m 18 years old and I want to continue my education in Canada.I can speak English and a little French.I´m good at computers and mathematics.I hope you will write me soon.
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hi my name is Sanjiv Pokharel and live in Nepal I am 33 and Graduate. I can speak English HOw can I imigrate to canada?

Sanjiv Pokharel
i am a student (in reply to: imigrate to canada)
hi i am 19 male from iran.i finished my preuniversity .i studied math and now i want to know how can i study in canada and how much does it cost
thanks a lot
javad mahmoudi

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hey am persian and i live in 21 years old
study geology in university
i wanna know how canna imigrate from kuwait to canda??
and how can i have candian nationality??

fatma n
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