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Subject: CAIPS not received--follow up
  Hello guys,
I have placed request for CAIPS and the request reached ottawa on august 2005. till now i have not heard anything form them.My questions are
1. How to follow it up and whom to contact in ottawa about this?
I did not send any money as iam an in-canada applicant. IAm totally lost now.Any details will be appreciated.

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aren´t you supposed to send $5????
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You need not send $5. I got my caips notes in the past without any money.

I think, now a days, caips is taking longer times - an addition to the frustration.

I´m not sure if you can phone them, but you can definitely fax them (the number is somewhere in the website - i do not remember) and ask about your status.

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Hope you sent it to the right address, its the one in ottawwa:

Public rights administration
360 laurier av west, 10th floor
narono bldg
ottawa, on
K1A 1L1

You can also call them up at (613) 941 9297, if you had difficulties getting your caips.

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hi issabella, kool and sharon,
thanks for all the information. I will follow it up at this number.Lets see what they have got to say.

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Can we fax those to Ottawa or we must mail it only?
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