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  Dear Steve,

To continue...I have a few questions for you which I hope you won´t mind:

1. In the application also there is a portion about your current occupation...what did you write?
2. In the application form, there is a portion where you need to fill out the NOC # of your current and past work experiences, what number did you put?

Reasons for asking:

1.The visa officer asked me about my intended occupation. However, while asking this, she obviously referred to my application form so the answer that you will give her should be the same as what you have written in you application form. The main essence of the interview is to verify from you personally what you have written in the application form. At the end of the interview, she will let you sign you application form.

2.Also, your job has to be with an NOC #. Here´s a link on the CIC website...pls read on...

The main point would be to be able to have a job experience that is included in the NOC list. That experience should be within the past 10 years.

Do you have a copy of your application form? It will be a good idea to review it before your interview.

goodluck to you.

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Hi the current occupation i wrote as Student Security Officer....NOC 6261....
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steve, so based on your application that NOC # is what you need to defend....know everything that you did in your job....however I think (not sure though) you can also mention other NOC positions that you have more than 1 year experience in....BUT if you have more years of experience in being a Security Officer then that´s the way you should go as far as your interview is concerned....goodluck Steve...
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Thank you Joe...i really appreciate your help...i will strictly follow your instructions......thanks
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