All my dear Indians we must ignore

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Subject: All my dear Indians we must ignore
  Hi friends, especially friends from India.
Avoid this stupid fellow Departure Bay.
Do not respond to him.He is brainless,uneducated,culture less fellow.How dare to talk bad about our great Country India.
Please ignore him.
If you want to know ,what he write bad about our country..
pleasee enter too

Telephone charges in canada..

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No, I am not trying to offense your country
believe or not I don´t care.

I only wanna tell you, if Telus outsources technical support jobs like call centre to India,they gotta keep piss off everybody here. My job is under union too, I don´t like union unfriendly organization. that´s it.

It´s true outsources to India will be trend of North America in future, but same duties jobs should ask similar wage as here.

departure bay
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I´m in Australia and our main phone company has done the same thing and now when you call the company for internet or phone support you end up talking to a support centre in India half the time. It pisses me of because I think Australian companies that are also 50% owned by the tax payer should keep the jobs in Australia. It also sucks when you cant understand the person on the other end. I guess it all comes down to the $$$$$ Why would they keep jobs in Australia when it costs them say $20/hour when they can pay an Indian to do it for $1/hour.

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We love DB-at least he is honest and posts helpful ideas.
For Raja-you can as well go throw your stupid ass out the window.After all the truth of the matter is many jobs are being outsourced to India due to cheap labor there and this is very SICKENING!!!!!

All my dear Indians we must ignore (in reply to: All my dear Indians we must ignore)
I guess we are here to help each other, instead u guys are fire fighting.........Pls stop discussing such issues in this forum.

Thanks for understanding.

Best Wishes

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Everyone is doing the best they can, as far as I can see. It is human nature to want a better job and to feel defensive when the jobs shift to another area. Perhaps we can conduct an intelligent dialog instead of tossing insults.
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DB is a stupid fuck
DB is a stupid fuck
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I am sorry dear my East Indian friends, not trying to assault your culture and people. I wanna tell you a story. The place I work is a call centre for ??hello B.C?? to answer all inquires about our destination. We do some hotel reserve or refereeing ; most of duty is customer service and up sell our province British Columbia.

In the same building, three years ago, we have MSN technical support, MCL, Telus mobility telephone service. There is about 2000 local people working at that place, we Nanaimo only has about 80,000. Two years ago, MSN technical support, everything outsource to India, cut about 200 people??s job, then this year Telus did same thing again, there is huge strike still going on here.

Those people lost job usually work here like more than ten years, it??s not their fault to get fire. We are a small town; any employer cut 100 people is a huge number for us.

You should understand, in India, they work more than ten hours, no union, 25 cent/hour, however, doing exactly same duties. I don??t blame Indian, however, you guys have to pass words from Canada to India, at least demand similar working condition.

However, mostly is those big cooperation??s fault

departure bay
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Since the world is flat now, any player, no matter if he is an yeti in the deep Himalayan gorges or a nomad from South America, can plug in and be a part of this global economy. We, as consumer demand a prompt service and the best deal which compel the multinational to seek ways to reduce cost dramatically. Thanks to the out sourcing et al, I can live in the US with a meagre salary and afford to fly cross country with a lap top and sevral other gadgets, which would other wise be impossible , if they were entirely manufactured here. So, it is inevitable, deal with it. Invest your money in skills that can not be outsourced easily.
lazy tea MATE
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hey db, watch your words, your mom is sucking somebody´s dick.
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ironically, we are seeing some significant outsourcing from the US into Canada as well because of the value of the dollar. There is 2 ways to look at outsourcing. India has greatly benefited from this new world economy and hopefully it has improved the quality of life for many of its citizens. It also encourages education in those countries. It also provided a basis for which many of those citizens can now apply for immigration to Canada.

yes, it also means that someone outside my community answers my phone bill questions. We complain when we pay too much for goods and service produced and supplied by Canadians. We cannot have it both ways.

I agree that more must be done to pay equitable wages in our outsourcing countries but those wages need to be appropriate for that economy and the job performed.

Lazy Tea makes a valid point... when considering a future... think about what will never be outsourced and then you will never be out of work! Like a plumber or electrician!

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its competetion dude. one company outsources jobs to india and they save a lot of dosh...for eg if an american gets 4,000 dollars (= 1,80,000 indian rupeez) equivalent person in india gets around 15,000 rupees (333 USD, and this is quite a lot for a beginner) .. so they save a lot ... imagine the savings for 1000 jobs.. hence the other companies start doin the same ... outsource it to india .. .

not unless theres equality of wages all over the world cant do shite ...

Comprendez ?

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