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Subject: Any advice pls
  Hi all.. First of all Congrats! who got their visa. And Good luck for
those waiting for it. I am also one of it. My timeline is:
AOR = February 2003 from Buffalo,
File transferred to Detroit and medical forms rec = May 2004,
Interview req.letter from Detroit for Aug 18,05 = June 2005,
But Unforunately I could not got US visa from Islamabad,Pakistan. I
inform consulate at Detroit about refusal entry to US and they decided
to transfer my file to Islambad. I chk the e-Client status , my file
showns as Withdrawn.. I don´t know how this become withdrawn.
Recived receipt letter from Islambad in September 2005 that my file
number is changed.
Can anybody care to comment or advice me how will my case process at
Islamabad . Will i get any benefit of the previous processing at
Buffalo and then Detroit. Thank you very much for kind information.

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Hello, The reason for the "withdrawn" status is probably due to the new file number issued to you...the old has gone. Processing....I have a bad feeling about this but try to call CIC Islamabad to be sure....goodluck.
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