is their such a word for too many explanations?

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Subject: is their such a word for too many explanations?

I have a quck question.

we are getting ready to send application.

i was in mexico visiting hy now husbund. i was in mexico for 5 months, i got back august 11th. in mexico i filed my 2003 income tax..............i know, it was so late filing, but anyway i filled out the wrong form. i filled out a form as if i flead canada and not coming back. i called canada revenue, and they told me to just explain my case in a letter and the problem will be fixed...............however cause i filed the wrong form, i was charged like 400 bucks, but wants this issue is cleared then i will get the money back.

i just filed my 2004 income tax and got the assesment back a few weeks ago, it showed i have a balance owing because they did not yet clear up the issue with the 2003 tax year- it takes 3 months to clear the situation. i paid the money i had owing, but canada revenue said that on the 2004 letter of assesment i have to send with the application it will still show balance owing, cause it takes time until it shows 0 owing.

along with the letter of assesment that i have to send with the spusal application i am sending the bank stub saying i paid the money.

my question is should i have an explanation sheet attached as well? just saying basically what i am explaining to you?

thanks everyone

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Explain everything......if you have any doubts in your mind about something, add an extra sheet to explain it.
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