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Subject: Just took the TEF: Here's how it went (Sep.05)
  I just took my Test d´Evaluation de Francais, as the Buffalo Consulate asked me to do. (Why they asked BEFORE my IA is still up in the air. Readers, those who have been asked to take the English test, did they ask you right after AOR like me?) The test was challenging, and a rather good test to be honest. There were some subjective possible answers, but overall it was a fair test. The most challenging, by far, was the Oral Comprehension where I had to explain various aspects of recorded radio blurbs, answering machine recordings, and snipits of fictitious but strikingly realistic conversations.

For all who will be taking the test I strongly recomend the following two actions:

1) Read over the Manuel du Candidat which you will receive when you sign up for and pay for the test. Reading this will prevent surpises in the format of the test.

2) Listen to Radio France Internationale (www.rfi.fr) a lot and try to understand what is being said. This will help you for the test. Don´t listen to Radio-Canada as I have been doing as the Quebec accent is not present in the TEF.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask. I will get the results three-for weeks from now.

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I´m taking, the test in November. I have a sample test/tapes, sounds pretty gruelling. My concern is the oral part. Do they make you participate in a conversation? If so, how long? My level is intermediate.

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Have you checked out the Manuel du Candidat? The section regarding the facultatives will tell you more. Yes, you have to speak. They are Role playing situations. Mine was not recorded, the two examiners had a grading rubric that they used after I left the room to assess my abilities.

There will be two role playing. The first is where you are supposed to speak for about five minutes and you are to ask questions about an ad, or something, to gain more information. The other is where you are to convince the test administrators, who play the role as well, of doing something.

information about tef test (in reply to: Just took the TEF: Here's how it went (Sep.05))
I wanted to ask you some questiones. if it,s possible,please aswer me short and exact.
1-How I can regester for tef test?
2-What are the deats of tef test in this year(2009)?
3-How to get the books and other resorses of tef?
4-In which countries I can go for the test?

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