US Visa Revalidation - The final word

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Subject: US Visa Revalidation - The final word
  It Works.

My wife left the US on an expired visa (but in status as a student) to land in Canada this weekend. Upon re-entry to go back, there were abosolutely no problems.
My wife still had her departure card in her passport and the INS officer really only checked the I-20 document for the length of enrollment and made sure my wife understood exactly when she was supposed to leave the country (30 days after the end of school).

The whole thing was a joy as she crossed the Rainbow bridge at Niagara Falls and landed in Canada on foot! I met her at immigration on the Canadian side and the whole process took less than 15 minutes. Going back the next day we actually crossed the bridge together (on foot) and did the whole picture in the middle of the bridge, the falls and all that other fun stuff.

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