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Subject: need ur assistance
  i am on work permit in canada and doing full time job after completing my studies. i start work in june 2005. before i apply for iimigration i need 1 year minimum question is

i want to visit my wife back home in january. i am planning to live there for 2 months. if i live there for 2 months would i be able to still get 1 year experince if i continue my job after coming back to canada in march or it wil be count as a 10 months experience.

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Hi Omer,

You need 1 year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) "continuous" work experience. Unless both these conditions are met you will not qualify to apply as a skilled worker.

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thanks for ya reply. so you mean i cant go back and live for a long period. how about 1 month. if my employer shows i am going for office purpose. its almost now 3 years i haven seen my wife.

what should you suggest. i apprecaite your time

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If you meet Quebec criteria you may consider applying through it, they only require 6 months.
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