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Subject: PCC from USA & INDIA
  hello,i been in USA since 4 yrs, and unfortunately i dont have a legal status, i m applying for a canadian immigration, and i need to submit Police clearance from INDIA and USA.how do i get that and i m really concern about my status. if i apply for my Police clearance certificate for INDIA and USA, does it make any difference about my status? i really need to have it done ASAP
please naybody help me about this matter.I will be really appreciated.....thank you

Police Clearance (in reply to: PCC from USA & INDIA)
To get the FBI clearance, you would need to get your fingerprints taken on a fingerprint card by your local police station or any business that takes fingerprints. Then, u send the card to the FBI along with a certified check. I don´t remember the amount, but u should check the CIC website for that.

About your illegal U.S. immigration status, this would not show up on the FBI fingerprint check unless u have been placed in U.S. deportation proceedings before. If u´re really concerned about this, u should consult a Canadian immigration attorney.

The bigger question for u is where should u file your Candian immigration application? If u are still in the U.S. and u were initially legally admitted in the U.S. for at least a one year period, u should be able to file in Buffalo, NY which has a shorter processing time.
Hope this info helps.

Joe Smith
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To get PCC from India, you have to apply in Indian Embassy or Counsulate. They require two photographs and your passport copy, yes you have to fill out a form. Good Luck.
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