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Subject: Family(Spouse)Class Immi.. IN Canada + Visa Rewal
  I am married to Canadian Citizen(wife) and have been living with her in BC for more than one and half year now. She sponsored me and applied for (Spouse)Family Class Immigration In Canada. We submitted the whole application with Fees etc. to save the processing time on 23rd of August 2005. We are expected to hear from CIC on Oct 31 (to get a client number etc.)if our calculations are not wrong. I am on student visa and completed one year of my studies in BSc In Computer Science and it was 2 year visa which is, to my concern, is about to expire soon. It is valid till 25th of Dec, 2005.

My Questions are:

1. Under the new policy, will I be able to stay in Canada after my visa expires or will I have to apply for renewal of study permit or visa ? Is it changed to some other kind of visa if your application is in process ?

2. As I am seriously considering to change the field of my study or at least changing my school which I will be able to persue better after getting my status, I would like to change my status to something else other than student. I know I cant apply for work permit now as I do not have job offer. Additionaly,it does not make sense to pay more than $6000 per semester now when I can pay less than half of it if I will get PR status. So my question is that in current conditions, is their any alternative to renewal of study permit? Any suggestions would be appreciated please.

3. Also is it possible to apply and qualify for SIN while my application is in process to support myself ? How long does it take usually until I will be able to work and to help support my wife and myself.

Answers or any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

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The only answer I can for sure give you, is that YES you can stay with your wife while awaiting the answer for your permanent residence application.

As far as the study visa/ SIN I´m not sure. You´d have to ask someone that knows about the study permits and such.


maybe ask some of the experts at

tell em ejspet sent you! :D


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Thank You Amanda. I appreciate your prompt reply. I am trying to find as much as I can on my own too and it relieves a lil bit of stress we are going through. Thanks for the link as well.

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Dear sir,

I want to apply for canada in Montreal, I am a Diploma in Mechenical and I have 12years experience in Industry job.At present I am in India,and citizen of India. I wants to go at canda how to appyly, Which types of vissa having apply ? How much espected time to reach there?

Kindly give me advice and do needful to me ?

Nilesh Jethva

Nilesh Jethva
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I have apply under common-law partner since 2005 and got few interview last year until sincr then I got no reply or answer with regards to my application for permanent residence and its been 5 mos ago from my last interview.

How long should the processing takes place and got the result?

Lourdes Gana
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