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  Dear Mts,
Thanks alot for your reply

i would like to expalin my Egucation back ground.
my secondary and higher secondary education = 12 years of education
and than i did 4 years of Diploma = 4years

I did this diploma from an Art School, but i dont think it lead to the university degree.
For the admission of this Diploma prior Secondary education was mandatory.

[in my country mostly Art schools offering the 4 year diploma in Graphic design there isn´t any university degree in it]

DO u think even in this case i get the 20 points?

I will thakful if u reply me becuase the more I´m reading through this forum more questions poping out from my brain and i take it as a pluse point becuase they are helping me out to make a soild application for the PR.
Thanks alot

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(in reply to: For Mts)
22 points for 3/4 year diploma other than university credential.. read cic website under education carefully...
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