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Subject: addresses history
  In the form imm0008_1e in part 15, it is required to write all the addresses I´ve lived since my 18 birthday! My question is: if I have been to some other countries for short periods (one or two months) for work and vacation reasons and I stayed in hotels in these countries, should I write these addresses?
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I think they are concerned mainly with the places you have "lived" at not vacationed or visited temporarily. So just give them the addresses that you lived at.
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yeah most of us just write this website´s address as the current address.... LOL just kidding.
Yes like Candice said, write only the significant addresses on the form and you should be fine.

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Like you, I travelled alot. But I just used the address where I received mail (parents or relatives address when I was younger). It would be ten pages long if you listed everywhere you ever stayed. I think they are just looking for places you called home, not places you passed through.
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Hahahaha Good one Raj. I had a jolly chuckle.
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You need to mention address where you lived more than 6 months.
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