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  hi, can anyone help? i was working in canada in 2004 i was accompanied by my family which included a child to whom i was defacto guardian. she was on a visitors visa and tried to extend it but was refused. she left as requested but was told she could return. when she did return she was held at immigration for 2 hours before being let in. in the meantime my boss was abusing the fact that i was a foreign worker and forced me to resign. i remained in canada where i and the girl i look after (who is 18), secured another job. we both applied for visas and were told that everything was fine. we started work only to be told our visas were not complete and we were issued a 1 year exclusion order. we still have a job offer which is on the employment list under category 5252. what do we need to do to get a visa? someone mentioned we needed approval from an immigration minister - how do we get it? i can´t seem to find any help anywhere and am getting desperate.
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Sorry Michelle but you have really got us stumped. I dont really have an answer but I´m awfully sorry about your unfortunate situation. Is there any way you can get a lawyer involved because it seems rather complicated to be handled by you and your daughter. Sorry we can´t be of more help but I wish you the best of luck.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply Candice. I would love to get a lawyer involved but can´t afford it. The people who want us to work for them would like us to start in Jan. Moreover as we were expecting to be there for three years originally all of our possessions and family pets are still in Canada. So if you come up with anything we would be so grateful. Thanks again.
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hi, the situation has changed slightly with such a long gap in communications that is to be expected. i no longer have a full time job offer but 2 part time offers. the offers are from the same person but on the behalf of two different companies. is it possible to apply for a visa in these circumstances. thanks in advance michelle
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