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Subject: I heard something
  Hi all,

I received a letter from CIC London today stating that i will have to attend an interview within 6 months from now in Oman(currently i live here), but nothing has been mentioned regarding the time and date.....I would like to know if they send another letter statign the time and date and how long it can be from now.....I have waited long enough now and again for interview another 6 months is really frustrating.....anyone with similar experience pls help......

Applied: Dec 2003
AOR: Feb 2004
IA askign IELTS and proof of relatives: May 2005
Submitted the same: July 2005
Interview letter: Oct 2005

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Apply for CAIPS notes if you have not done that already. You will come to know the reason you have been called up for an interview and so you can prepare yourself.

Visit www.caipsnotes.com or www.caips.ca

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