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Subject: Departure order

While I was in Canada as a visitor living with my wife , I applied to extend my permit and CIC took forever to do so and my visa expired.
When I was call in for an interview the CIC officer realize that was not my fault because CIC was under strike.

The CIC officer told me that he ain?t going to extend my permit any longer and I was giving a "Volunteer departure order".
I was also told that I may return to Canada any time.

I went back home and I appplied for a PR visa.

In the application I read that there is a part where you are ask if you have ever been forced to leave Canada or any other country.
I check "NO". insted of "Yes".

I didn?t realize while I was filling the application that a volunteer departure sheet was actually a kind of removal order.

Well , after all my visa was approved and I received my Immigrant?s visa as well as my Confirmation of Permanent residence.
By the way an interview was not requeried.

Do you think that I?ll have any problem at the Canadian airport while I am doing my landing procedure?

Any inputs please.

Bob Tucker Jr.

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It was a voluntary tho, and they would have that on record. They authorized you a visa anyway, so you shouldn´t have any problems. Just because you put yes or no doesn´t mean they won´t look into it! :D

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