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Subject: Capis Notes question!!!!
  I have read in the forum that Capis notes can be obtained from But it is going to take 30 working days it says. I would like to know if there is some other way to get the capis notes early, if we have a relative in Canada who can order the Capis notes. How to apply directly by the person in canada other than


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360 laurier avenue west,
10th floor,
ottawa ontario k1a 1l1

The above is the address where you have to apply for CAIPS.

You have to pay a lot for this, instead you could send your request to the above address with the following application

It is an interesting question, I would be eager to know whether they give the notes in person. Let´s see what other people say.

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Hi Mountains

thanx for that piece of info.....Can my canadian relative send the form requesting my Caips note along with the 5$ fee for the processsing???


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Thanks right.

I called the CAIPS office in Ottawa now. You must send it by mail only, you shouldn´t fax it, or not even send it through somebody in person.

Yes, your relative (or friend) can order your CAIPS, provided he/she has all your details for the form.

CAIPS phone is (613) 957-6512 for any questions.

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Line 1 "Thanks right" should be read as "Thats right". Sorry for the confusion

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If you want your relative to apply for your CAIPS notes, this is what you should do.

1. You relative should be living in Canada as the caips notes are sent only in Canada.

2. Get the Access to Information Request Form (TBC/CTC 350-57) at this address :

3. Write a consent letter to authorize the CIC to send your CAIPS notes to your relative. On this letter clearly mention your file number, date of birth and the consulate where you have submitted the application.

4. Add to these documents a 5$ CDN payable to Receiver General

5. Send
a) information request form;
b) consent letter;
c) 5$
d) Copy of your relatives PR card or Canadian passport,

Public Rights Administration
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Narono Building
360 Laurier Ave, 10th Floor
Ottawa, Ont. K1A 1L1

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Thank you all,

one more Q, does it mean that The consent leter I have to write and sign it then send it to my relative in canada?



Reapply CAPIS Notes (in reply to: Capis Notes question!!!!)
If I want to apply again second time for the same persion, for CAPIS notes whats the right way to apply? Can I send the request by email, if yes whom can I send the request to? Do I have to fill the forms and autorisation letter again?

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