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Subject: IA: Interview waiver
  My IA letter says;

"We have now completed the initial assessment of your application, and expect to finalize your application without a personal interview. While an interiew does not appear necessary at this time, we reserve the right to call you to an interview, should this become necessary at some future stage in processing."

Is this a standard reply for the interview waiver? What is the chance that I will have to go for an interview ?

If they did not ask for additional documents in IA (except bank statements), does it mean I don´t have to worry about sending more documents (when they become available) to gather more ponts ?

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what is your timeline??
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Hi Kuma,

Please mention where you have applied from. It will be helpful in answering your questions accurately. Also mention your timeline.

What you have receive is a standard IA letter. After IA the background and security checks are initiated. If during these checks somthing pops up you may be called for an interview. For eg if they are not able to verify your employment for whatever reason you may be called for an inteview.

Background check - verification of your claims, education and experience credentials done by visa post processing your application with cooperation of visa posts in countries your credentials were earned.

Security check is conducted completely outside of Immigration by Canadian security and intelligence agencies, with or without cooperation of proper authorities in countries where check is being conducted. It is looking deep into your life, background, activities, associations etc. to find out if you are or ever were involved or are or have been associated with someone who is or was involved in espionage, terrorism, radical movements, crimes against humanity, organized crime, etc.

Unfortunately authorities in some countries take months or longer than a year to reply to inquiries from Canadian authorities and in some countries check has to be done using old fashion spy methods. It all takes time and depending from your background, nationality, countries you lived in, people you associated with (knowingly or not), your activities etc. it may take anywhere from several months to well over a year to conclude.

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AOR: April ´04
IA: May ´05
Medical/Doc: June ´05

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DeGen95, he is asking a question, does your reply in any way serve as an answer?


Yes, I got the same letter too. I never heard of anybody called for an interview after a waiver.

I would send only the documents asked for (I guess you are asked to give medical exam), rather than confusing them at this stage because they have waived your interview after they are satisfied with the documents whatever they have now.

Should you have questions, please let me know.

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I applied at Baffalo. From Sri Lanka and now living in Canada under a temporary work permit.

I have doubts how successful they will be in contacting my boss in Sri Lanka, whom I got a ref letter from. I couldn´t send a business card. But covering letter mensions company contacts. It´s a large government company and will be slow in responding. Canadian work experience was less than a year when I applied.

Do you think I should send them info about my latest situation?

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As Kenny said, an interview can still be required based on the background check results...however, I wouldn´t worry about it. I read some posts here that intially the interview has been waived and then later on they were called in for interview....but I think the number of cases are not that many....no actual stats for that though.

As to your additional documents, for me, just send in what they are asking for right now. Sending more documents than asked for might be misunderstood...we´ll never know. Whatever updates you have just prepare them for future needs....whatever you decide...goodluck...and congrats for the waiver....

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Kuma - you got a standard letter. Just send in the documents they requested and sit back and relax!
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I?ve got the same letter , and I was never call for an interview.

However , I know for fact that after the letter , CIC started to do my background check and after a year my visa was approved.

Good luck buddy

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