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Subject: IELTS
  hi guys,

i have just received my ielts score..i could not prepared my self for the test as a result i did n´t do is my score

reading 6
writing 6
listenning 6
speaking 6

overall 6

i am not sure is it worthed to send the result to immigration department ..or i should take the test again ...and how much point i can get with that score band ? please help me :S after counting my english score my immigration points become 65 ..i dont know what to do now ?


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Hi Jimmy,

Based on your IELTS score you are getting only 8 points out of 16 for English proficiency. You should definately appear in IELTS (I hope you appeared in the General section of IELTS) to improve your score. But you can re-appear in IELTS again only after 3 months.

Were you asked to provide the IELTS score? If yow were then how much time were you given to provide the score?

If your immigration points are reduced to 65 based on your current IELTS score then you should not send this score. Write a letter requesting them to give you some more time to provide the score.

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Hi Jimmy...were you specifically asked by CIC to take the test? If yes, follow Kenny´s advise to re-take and write a letter to CIC for more time.

If you were not asked to take the IELTS, then do not submit the result and instead submit a written explanation of your English ability. The explanation should contain detailed explanations where and how do you use the English language. It should also contain your trainings and school subjects taught in English. Also include supporting documents from your employer, banker, co-worker, teacher etc. indicating the fact the you are proficient in English. This looks hard but it´s just a matter of composing a really great explanation.

After 3 months, you can re-take the IELTS and if the score improved then submit it.


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Today I received test score.
reading 5.5
writing 6
listenning 6
speaking 8

Overall 6.5 = 10 points

I got a letter from them to take test. After taking self assesment test , I am getting score 67. Today I sent score to them. Please me know I am ok with this.

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If you are getting 67 points by adding only 10 points for english proficiency then you dont have to worry about anything.

But I will still recommend that you re-appear in IELTS and try to improve your score.

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Hello Rachael,I am being asked by the visa officer to submit an IELTS score(genaral option ).Could you help me in this ,Where should I go?
Ashok Nayak
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