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Subject: response from buffalo
  I got an email response from Buffalo today.

"Your application for permanent residence will be reviewed for finalization early 2006.

My timeline, etc;

skilled worker class, Buffalo Consulate
applied Aug. 2004
AOR Oct. 2004
IA April 2005, interview waived, no additional documents needed
medicals sent May 2005
medicals received June 2005
passport request ????

The good news is I can stop checking e-client every week, and no more disappointments when I check the mail and there´s nothing from Buffalo yet again.

I hope things work out though, and I didn´t shoot myself in the foot. I was being very optimistic, and I accepted a great job offer in Victoria. It´s a great job -- a dream job really, in a great city. The position begins May 1st, next year. I need to get the visa by then. If not, I´ll lose not only the job, but I will have burned a very important bridge. And Victoria being a small town, I may not be able to get work there again (in my field anyway) Well, I hope by "early 2006" CIC means before May. January would be nice!

Does this news confirm the quota rumor? Who knows. Maybe there are just so many files in front of mine that Buffalo knows they won´t get to mine until early next year. Or maybe they´ve just stopped issuing visas for this year. who knows. All I know is I have a bit more waiting to do.

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I would think early 2006 would mean February-March.

sounds like a quota letter, doesn´t it. Otherwise they would not offer you a time.

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Thanks for updating about the important discussion. Though I thought it is funny to think that it was quota-issue that lot of people are not getting PPR, it is turning out to be true.

My timeline is:
IA-April 05
Med- May 05
Documents - June 05
PPR - awaited.

Regarding the email response, what did you ask?

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you know guys... this quota thing should not get us bent out of shape.

if we are at quota by October 2005 it would suggest that various embassies are working hard to get through the applications in a timely manner. If Volpe does what he is promising by increasing total immigration to 300,000 it would likely mean that they could issue right up until December 31. No additional staffing would be required.

I would rather sit and wait knowing all is done but the calendar than wonder if they will ever get to me because they are slow.

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all the more reason to be pissed of at those who get their PR with no intentions to move any time soon or use Canada as their Plan B. they took your spot!
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Looking at today´s postings, it seems there is more and more support for the quota theory. Has anyone else gotten an "early 2006" email back from Buffalo? I got one last week.
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I have the same timeline as yours. When did your e-client change to "Medical Results received"?


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it never did -- the only way I know the medicals were received in June is from the CAIPS notes I ordered in July

just of curiousity´s sake I´m ordering CAIPS notes again. I´d like to see what the new BF date is. I know BF dates don´t mean that much, but since I really, really, really need the visa by mid-April, I´ll take some comfort in a BF date in February.

Besides, what else do I have to wait for now that I know I won´t be hearing from Buffalo any time soon?

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