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Subject: E Client Changed!!!!!
  E client finally changed for the first time to "in Process" medicals have been received.

Guys - please click on in Process link when it shows...since I never realized that there was additional information below: " we started your case on...."

IA Apr 05, Med/Doc July 05.....Given what is being said in other threads......maybe something will show up in early 2006.

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Hi ME:

My E-Client status has changed today as well, to "Medical results have been received."

IA: July 05
Medicals sent to Ottawa: July 05.

Hopefully should see PPR soon.

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Good luck guys. My e-client changed to medicals received in july 4th, 2005 itself and iam waiting since then.No PPR yet.
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ME/Anon: Ditto what Boss says. Past posts make it seem like meds received means a PPR in days, but recent experience show this to no longer be the case for most of us. Unfortunately, it looks like you have months ahead of you. I hope I am wrong, but you should know what some others have experienced.
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Thanks for the info. Boss & Tim.

I´m an In-canada applicant, I´m not sure if that makes a difference or what, but it is really disappointing to know that we would have to wait a few more months before the PPR request.

Well, I´ve also requested for my CAIPS, and its been 5 weeks, and I haven´t heard about it either. If at atleast the CAIPS shows up in a week, that would give me an idea as to what/when to expect next.


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