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In which favor I?ll have to order the DD for processing fees for CANADA immigration.


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How to proceed if you reside in Canada

Payment of fees at a financial institution

STEP 1. Use Table 3 to calculate the fees required.
STEP 2. Enter the ?Amount payable? you have calculated using the table listed above on line 09 of
the Receipt (form IMM 5401). Line 09 is at the bottom of the Receipt.
Photocopies are not accepted. If you need an original receipt, you can order it from our
Web site, or you can contact our Call Centre agent.
STEP 3. Complete the ?Payer information? sections on the reverse of the receipt.
If you already know the client identification number that we have assigned to you, enter
the number in the box provided for that purpose. If not, leave that box empty.
Do not complete the upper two parts on the front side of the receipt. These will be
completed by the financial institution.
STEP 4. Bring the receipt and your payment to the financial institution.
You cannot pay by personal cheque or traveller?s cheque. A representative of the
financial institution will inform you of the acceptable forms of payment. You do not have
to produce your application, just the receipt. Do not make payment through an automatic
teller machine. Payment can be made at most financial institutions in Canada. Check with
financial institutions in your area.
Note: There are no bank charges; the service is free.
If no local financial institution accepts payment, you can pay the fees by mail. In that case,
contact our Call Centre to obtain instructions.
STEP 5. The representative of the financial institution will take your payment, will stamp the two
upper parts of the front side of the receipt, and will enter the amount paid there.
Do not send cash, personal cheques, bank drafts or money orders to CPC-M unless instructed
26 Sponsorship I - Spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners and dependent children
Before leaving the financial institution, make sure that you have been given the two upper
parts of the receipt, namely the client copy (Copy 1) and the copy that the client must
forward to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Copy 2), and that both parts have been
duly filled out and stamped.
STEP 6. Attach the middle portion (Copy 2) of the receipt to your completed sponsorship
application. Retain the top portion (Copy 1) for your files.
Note: Do not include any other type of payment with your application.

How to proceed if you reside exclusively outside Canada

Payment of fees with an international bank draft or money order

STEP 1. Use Table 3 to calculate the fees required.
STEP 2. Obtain an international bank draft or money order.
The bank draft or money order must be made payable to the Receiver General
for Canada and be in Canadian funds for the required amount. You should ensure that the
bank draft or money order can be cashed through a Canadian financial institution and
clearly indicates on its face the name and complete address (must not be a post office
box number) and/or the transit and account numbers of the financial institution in
Canada where it may be cashed. Incomplete or improper identification of the financial
institution may result in processing delays and even in the return of your application.
STEP 3. Include the bank draft or money order with your completed sponsorship application.


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