To KOOL and the student gang.

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Subject: To KOOL and the student gang.
  Kool, I was reading your last reply. Whats the time line of your friends who got PPR last couple weeks?
Please give us more information about their status in Canada and their timelines.
I am pretty surprised as I havent seen any PPRs after May 2005 for people residing in Canada regardless of when they applied. I notice a very few on the blogs online got it but no one of whom I personally know.

Mountains, the last email reply I got was 2 months back " ur app is in process, final date cannot be given"

CAIPS UPDATE: 35 days passed but no sign of caips!! Seems like there is a delay.

To everyone: Dont raise hopes after Estatus changes, favourable email replies and even results in caips. None of them can be fully trusted. CIC buffalo has its own way of working which is not known. I beleive if one Canadain student having my same timeline gets it we all will fall in the same line. It will start from you Pattu and end till AOR August 2004. Student applied in september 2004 are still waiting for IA!!!

Eclient cannot be trusted. Guys got PPR and still have "in progress".
All those emails still dont give me any clue what early 2006 means ( anywhere between JAn to july 2006!!!)..another year of wait??
And finally caips, which I so much trusted. People got PPR and caips showed BDEC, SEC, CRIM still pending. So dont wait to see all those caips codes with "1", you can get PPR before that.

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Nice stuff.

Talking about CAIPS BFD, do you have any idea whether BFD date changes are always preponed or sometimes they might postpone the BFD date?

Because I was just wondering if anybody is having 15th Oct´ 05 BFD means, they make a final decision on that day for sure, or is there any chance they might postpone to a latter date after 15th?

Whatever, come please give us some good news in a week, Issabella.

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Yes, issabella. Two of my friends (students in Canada) got their PPRs last week. They were waiting for more than one and half years though.

Please note that not even 5% of applicants share their experiences in these immigration forums. So the info we get from here is based on limited number of participants only.

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I belive that BFD is just a reminder for the officer, if no activities before this date. It doesn´t mean that the case will be finalized... but there is a chance it will.

Anyways, I wouldn´t put too much hope on this year, besides my BFD is 15 years from now according to my CAIPS!

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lo...15 years!! funny SG1.
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Mountains, yes, it´s funny yet sadly, it´s true! :( My BFD is 2020 from the CAIPS I got couple months ago.
grrr... I´d better find something else do for for the next 15 years other than checking e-client everyday. LOL

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Dont be surprised mountains everyone has such dates in caips after IA. Its just a random date looking at the countries you have stayed the officer but a very future tag date.

The worst case BDEC taking 3 years countries like Iran, North Korea etc.

Its all about how long the officer feels your file will be finalised.

I had 2006, and 2010 before now its 2005!

These future dates make no meaning, waiting for 15 years LOL. Caips is an automated computer information system that sets itself such dates depending on what gets cleared, and what the immigration officer expects or anticipates. Also taking into consideration quota ( it that exists in buffalo) or even as someone pointed out before "NOC quota"

My 2 cents!

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