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Subject: what is IA?
can anyone tell me what is the difference between IA and pre-screen (PS)?

Applied - dec 2002
AOR - dec 2002
Nothing after that

In caips noted indicates "PS Jan 2006". What does Pre-screen mean and what is done during this stage? When does IA come in brefoer or after PS? confused.

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IA involves assessment of your application by a visa officer, at this stage your appliaction will enter a real processing and a selection decision may be made or a call for an interview, within a short time after IA you would either receive medical instruction (if a positive SD is made) or a letter to inform you that an interview is required.
PS is done upon receipt of your application only to make sure that all required documents and payment are included otherwise application will be returned to you, after PS your file will be placed in the queue to wait its turn for IA, you will be issued AOR shortly.

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sorry I mistook paper screening for Pre-Screen, pre-screen means that your case will be popped up the computer screen on that date, this time is set by immigratoin officer, by that time,he likes to look at the case to see whats going on, as he may expects things to be happened by that time, if a progress happens before that date, then that date will be re-set again.
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I would inquire after having waited this long. Almost 2 years after AOR? Most likely there´s something wrong.
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IA has two meaning
1) they have looked your photos and did not like it so they are waving interview because they do not want to look you again.

2) they have looked your photos and very much likeed it so they call you for an interview because they want to look you again and more closly.


It means Intial Assessment of your documents and they send youa mail asking about more document and tell you whether you need to come for an interview or not.

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hahhahah good joke Tom.....keep it up:)


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I think that everything went smoothly for us based on some timelines I saw here. We got married in China on June 7 2005 and my wife just got her permanent visa today. So, here is our timelines.

Application : July 4 2005
AOR : July 19 2005
IA : July 27 2005
Application for Quebec Cert of select (QCS): August 4 2005
Reception of QCS : September 13 2005
Permanent Visa : October 7 2005

We didn´t use the help of any immigration firms or lawyers. For those who are still waiting, keep the faith...

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Can I check so pre-screen is basically nothing done except looking at what is done?

My caips notes did not even indicate any of my points accrued, so does this measn that it has not even gone thru IA? But from the process you mention IA comes before AOR. I have my AOR. So what is happening?

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