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Subject: W2s and Pay Stubs
I am in the process of sending in copies of my
last four years W2s and last three pay stubs.

Do I need to get them notorized, or is it optional.



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It won´t be a bad idea.

I did not send them my W2 and pay stubs and they did not ask it from me. However, my interview was not waived so it added how many months in the processing. They did ask the pay stubs during the interview. Perhaps sending them a lot of proofs of employment now can erase any doubts in their minds. If notarizing them really cost a lot, at least send them those photo copies and keep the originals. Are you in the US? In the US you can just request your bank manager to notarize your docs for free. If money is not a concern, go ahead notarize it.....goodluck

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Thanks very much I will get them notorized, anything to
save on the time interview could add to my application.
Yes I am in US.



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