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Subject: US visa for a student in Canada
  I am on study permit in Canada and I have applied for permanent residence to Canada. I completed my degree in Canada but my study permit is valid till next yearend. I am still working in the on campus job (partime) in my university that I used to work. I want to apply for US visa, could you please tell me the chances of getting one and (if possible, the main documents needed to apply)

Thank you very much for the kind reply.

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You´ll have to prove that you have sufficient ties to go back to Canada. Ultimately, it depends on who ends up interviewing you. I´m a single Asian female Ph.D. student who applied for a US visa at the Vancouver US consulate. It was during the summer and I showed proof of a university job that I had to go back to. I was denied a visa with the interviewer saying that I don´t have ties to Canada because I don´t have properties or family here (a child).

Another Ph. D. student (single African male) also applied and he was issued a visa. He also has a similar university job to go to. Majority of the US Consulate employees I saw in Vancouver were male East Indians. Given that the male African guy and I had similar backgrounds in Canada (it´s only your ties to Canada that matters. They don´t look at your home country information.), I can´t understand why my application was denied. It´s either because I´m Asian or I´m female.

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i had the same situation but i got last month. they have issued me a multiple visa for a six month. the most important document is a letter from your employee and if you are going to visit some give them the full address , phone and tell abt that person also inform that person that you have told them about him or her incase if they wants to confirm. once everythign will be fine they will tell you to come after 2 or 3 weeks because they have to do the clearence. and after that they will call you to come along with your passport. best of luck

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I applied at the US Consulate in Toronto and I had no problems. They didn´t even look at any of my papers. I said I was a student at a University here and needed a visa in case I was called for a Canadian PR interview. I stated that as my reason for visiting the U.S. I got my passport & visa back the next day. It´s a multiple entry visa valid till 2006.
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